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GreenPik Herbal Wellness

India has been home to all kinds of herbs which have acted as “Sanjeevani” and benefitted mankind with their unique characteristics. Every Herb is unique. They facilitate and help humans maintain the equilibrium of their body and detox. We all are aware about the benefits of Herbs and Green Teas.

GreenPik now presents to you the unique and amazing combination of Green Tea Leaves enriched, blended and infused with Natural Herbs which are known to benefit mankind from thousands of Years. Each blend has a unique feature and benefit us in their own unique way. It’s a move towards a healthier lifestyle by just replacing our very own Morning and Evening Drink with the Herb Infused range of Teas and Green Teas which can facilitate our Healthy Living. Its just a step forward to a better and healthier life.


The passion and pride of working in the world of tea have been the engine of the evolution of “GreenPik”.

Since its birth and to this day. Our origins go back to a dream of creating an exquisite tea brand, capable of becoming a reference. Surprised by how difficult it was to drink good tea, We embarked on an adventure that seemed impossible at first Open a high-quality and luxury tea Brand. This is how GreenPik was born, a brand specializing in fresh, bulk tea and single estate loose leaf teas sourced from some of the finest estates in India, ” Truly the Champagne of teas” and all the accessories needed to enjoy each and every one of its nuances.

Among our careful selection of 70+ varieties of the best teas and infusions, our own mixtures developed by our experts are included that stands out as some of the finest luxury teas.



GreenPik develops its activity in the World of Tea , offering handcrafted products selected and made with the best ingredients. Our team cares for every detail, thus offering our customers a carefully selected product that lives up to its reputation as “The Champagne Of Teas”.



Hand Picked product – Every leaf is exquisite and ensures natural flavour

Quality of the ingredients – Each leaf has an assurance to give the natural freshness from the Green Tea and also ensures the

Truly Darjeeling – Home for the best of Teas in the world is the natural home for GreenPik.

Smile while You Rejuvenate